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Quality Working Dogs

 This website is dedicated to sharing our appreciation of a good dog.  

Any dog we sell goes with a "working guarantee" -- we will buy them back if given a fair chance they don't work for you. 


Steward Of Our Breeds

We appreciate the opportunity to promote, educate, preserve and improve our breeds of choice to better suit a specific purpose.  Responsible dog breeders are invaluable to the future of the breeds they steward.  We believe in quality over quantity, never breeding for color - we breed for working ability, temperament, and functional conformation -- the color is just a plus!


Keeping With Tradition

Notice: All photos and information on this website is intellectual property of Wavin K Working Dogs and may not be copied, shared, or reproduced without our permission.  We do not have any explicit hunting photos or stories on this site, if that's what you're after to try to showcase our lives in a negative way: go somewhere else and don't let the door hit you on the way out! We utilize our breeds of choice for the purpose they were bred for centuries ago.

Our Dogs

Catahoula Leopard Dogs


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