About Us


Where Are We

Wavin K Working Dogs is located in remote South East Wyoming at the foot of the Laramie Range.  The landscape is diverse and vast: from seemingly endless plains and grasslands, to rolling foothills, to steep rocky and forested mountains...all within twenty miles of each other.  The land hosts farm ground in the lower country and cattle ranches in the rougher terrain, as well as a large amount of public access land with a variety of game species throughout.  
Our nearest major city is Denver, CO at 170 miles away.


Who Are We

We are simply people who have a great love and appreciation for good working animals.  We come from a long line of avid outdoorsmen/women and hunters.  We understand the importance of conservation of the lands and wildlife that are such an important part of our lives, which has been passed down from generation to generation.  We have miles of land at our fingertips and our dogs live a fun and comfortable ranch life.  They are a invaluable part of our every day work and routine.  Dogs have always been a key asset to our everyday life and  we know and understand the deep relationship between man and dog...we have found much joy, fulfillment and excitement in our breeds of choice. We officially founded Wavin K Working Dogs in 2007 and made it our mission to preserve our breeds of choice by producing quality working dogs that are true to their ancestors in their purest form.


What Are We

Our dogs are our partners, they are not bred to make money or make an excess of animals that will end up in the shelters or worse.  They are valuable working and family companions, that are life long responsibilities to their owners.  We have few breedings and litters, and only cross proven dogs, what we feel is the best genetics and conformation to produce the best dogs that we can use for ourselves first.  We don't just breed anything to anything, it's very carefully thought out and the results are very special.  We don't breed for color, we breed for performance.  A cow, coon or hog doesn't look at the dogs color, why should we?

Our dogs aren't for everyone, but they aren't designed to be. We take the preservation of our chosen breeds very seriously and hope to leave the breed better than when we found them...for many generations to be able to enjoy when we're gone.

Wavin K

Health Testing


We believe in testing dogs the "old fashioned way" ...by hard use.  Will a dog hold up mentally and physically  to being used every day in rugged country and harsh conditions? 

In addition, we encourage the use of health screening and testing including PennHip, OFA, CERF and BAER testing. WK Working Dogs were the first to ever OFA certify a Catahoula Bulldog: Wavin K's Tough Enough: OFA Good.

Proven Sires and Dams


One of the most important things to a successful breeding program is to "prove" a dog before allowing it to reproduce.  We believe it's hard for a dog to be truly proven before two years of age.  We put them through the rigors of hard use and evaluate their performance and stamina mentally and physically before ever deciding if they would be a beneficial addition to our program.  Not every dog should be bred.

Working Guarantee


Our dogs are bred to work, period.  That's why we are here, so if one does not perform true to their nature we want to know to make necessary adjustments to our program.  Therefore we make a point to keep in touch with people who've gotten a dog from us best we can, and offer a "Working Guarantee" on every dog that leaves this yard.  If the dog or pup is given a fair chance and won't work, we buy them back. It's that simple.

Breed Activism


We see ourselves as stewards of our breeds of choice, as should anyone who is producing dogs.  These dogs are not suitable for everyone in every situation, and they're not meant to be.  

We encourage people new to the dogs to talk with us and learn everything they can about these breeds before committing to one.  



In a modern world dogs are rarely if ever truly needed to put food on the table, literally or figuratively anymore.  That has caused these dogs to become more of a novelty than a necessity.  With the decline of real use comes a change in the dogs, and not a positive one.  We have it as our mission to continue to truly use and test our breeds of choice to preserve them in their purest form for generations to come.

Adopt or Shop?


What do you truly need in a dog? There are an abundance of dogs in shelters across the nation in need of loving pet homes.  This includes Catahoulas and mixes as well as a variety of sighthounds.  However if you need a more specialized dog for a job or purpose, getting one from an established responsible breeder may be the best option.