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 We don't breed a litter just to sell, but to improve our dogs for our personal use and supply ourselves with working companions *first* then place additional pups to the public.   We only breed a litter as we have a personal need to, rather than just to sell puppies.  This means we typically have just one to two litters a year at most.  We encourage you to ask about being put on our waiting list so you don't miss out!  If we do not have a puppy for you when you want one, we are happy to refer you to another responsible breeder or rescue.

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Catahoula Bulldog Puppies planned for Spring 2020

WK Planned Breedings



No current plans.

Catahoula Bulldogs: 

—> Kentucky Lake Sicario x Wavin K’s Counting Coup

Planded Breeding Sprint 2020

25% Catahoula 75% American Bulldog 

Note from Kacy: “Cherokee will be bred to Rio this spring, we haven’t been successful in breeding Cherokee in several attempts, but are trying again. We will not accept deposits on this breeding because of that, but are continuing our waiting list. 

This is a little bit different breeding than we usually make, being 75% Bulldog, but if pups result we expect these to be high drive, yet biddable, multipurpose dogs: all around varmint dogs with some hunt to them, catch dogs, protection, and/or loyal sidekick for a bulldog savvy person.”


—> Wavin K’s Smokn Stoeger x DeepSouth’s Esitv

Planned Breeding Late Spring 2020


Breeding planned summer 2020

Updated: 12/19

Other Planned Breedings


-- Oquirrh Mountain Bulldogs has plans for a spring litter of Catahoula Bulldogs.

Availalble Staghounds


No Staghounds available currently.

Updated 12/19

Available Catahoulas


We have no Catahoulas available currently.
Updated 12/19

Available Catahoula Bulldogs


Planned Breeding - Spring 2020

Updated 12/19