Buying Information


Is This The Right Dog For You?

Catahoulas and Catahoula bulldogs are active dogs bred to work and hunt.  They are best suited to rural homes where they can have a job.  If they are in a home in town, they require extra stimulation in their daily lives.  They need to have activity, walking, playing etc.  They have a prey drive towards other animals, so if not kept in check they could potentially cause harm to someone's livestock or pet.  I would not recommend either breed to inexperienced or first time dog owners without extensive correspondence and education prior. 

These dogs are strong willed by nature, they require a strong 'pack leader' in their life.  They are highly intelligent and trainable, almost too smart for their own good because they become bored easily with simple training.   Their drive to work and hunt can get them into trouble if not properly stimulated.  They are absolutely wonderful with children and all members of their family.  One thing to note however: they are very protective of their family and property, and may be aloof or mildly aggressive towards strangers, including strange children, so a close eye needs to be kept, and proper socialization is key.


Staghounds also require socialization and early training to be able to thrive in a companion/town home setting.  They are affectionate and loyal companions as long as they're understood. 

If you have limited or no experience, contact us!!! I welcome new people to see how wonderful and unique these dogs are.  We can discuss if one of these breeds are right for you. We love to "talk dog!"

 The welfare of my dogs is number one, and I want you to have the best match for your needs and wants.  If I do not feel that is one of my dogs, I will tell you, always striving to be honest and upfront, and I will help you in any way I can to find the partner that's right for you.

Deposits and Waiting List

 Because we don't have many litters each year...If you are interested in getting a pup from us, inquire about being put on the waiting list.  

Pricing Information

We base our pricing of pups on the expense incurred raising the litter.  We do not raise pups just to sell them, it is not our goal to make a profit off our dogs.  Therefore we try to price pups to where we will cover the cost of the time and care of raising the litter to 8 weeks old. 

We base pricing of older or started dogs on their talent and experience as well as time and training spent on them.

Beware of people pricing pups don't always "get what you pay for" so beware of overpriced or large price differences based on coat and eye color.

Contact us for more info. 

Breeding Rights

We do not charge an extra fee for "breeding rights" on a pup or dog that you purchase from us.  However...if you plan to use a dog you purchase from me for breeding, please disclose this when you first contact me.  I am not against this (I believe when you buy it, it's your dog and you will do as you wish) however as a breeder it is my job to protect the integrity of the breeds I raise and I would want to help make the best choice possible in a good breeding prospect for the future.  You need to be as honest with me as I am with you, that will result in both parties being happy and content with their experience.

Working Guarantee

We stand behind our dogs 100% therefore we sell all our dogs and pups with a "working guarantee."  If given a fair chance a pup doesn't show working instinct or you are not pleased we will buy the pup back or replace it with a more suitable one.  If an older dog does not do what we say it will or you are not pleased, same guarantee. Contact us for more info. 

Shipping and Transportation

We ship via air or ground transportation.  Contact us for more info including quotes.

There are currently WK dogs in 23 states and 5 countries.

We have experience shipping world wide and are happy to help.    

We keep track of each and every one of our dogs to the best of our ability and love our extended dog family!